Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs

Can household rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs, and if

Rubbing alcohol has long been used to treat wounds and to sterilize objects, but few people know that it can also be used as pest control solution.

So will rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? The answer is yes and no. Yes, rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs, but it will only kill bed bugs on contact and you will need at least 90% alcohol or higher to get the best results.

How to Kill Bed Bugs with Rubbing Alcohol

The following step by step directions will tell you the correct way to get rid of bed bugs with rubbing alcohol.

Step 1) Get the Right Rubbing Alcohol
There are actually several different types of rubbing alcohol that you can get in stores. In order to have the best results you will need to use the correct alcohol. Ideally, you will want a rubbing alcohol with as high of an alcohol content as possible.

Try to find isopropyl rubbing alcohol with 90% or higher alcohol content for the best results. Grain alcohol will also work, but would be a much more expensive option. Note: You may need to ask for 90% or higher alcohol from the pharmacist or store clerk as it's not very common.

Step 2) Apply the Rubbing Alcohol
It is best if you spray the rubbing alcohol instead of pouring it. You can purchase (or re-use) a plastic spray container used for cleaning for this task.

In order to kill the bed bugs you will need to spray them directly with the rubbing alcohol. You will not kill them if you do not spray their body with alcohol. The fumes will also not kill them. This can be a disadvantage because you will need to find the bed bugs to kill them. Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bug eggs, but will require more alcohol to do so.

Tips & Things to Consider
Rubbing alcohol will evaporate very quickly (especially 90% alcohol). Because of this, it does not make sense to place your bed posts in cups/bowls of rubbing alcohol because it will simply evaporate.

Some surfaces may get stained or damaged by rubbing alcohol. It isn't common, but it can happen. Because of this, it's recommended that you do a test in a discrete spot before spraying more rubbing alcohol on it.

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What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

While these methods will work to help control your bed bug situation, there are easier techniques and strategies to stop bed bug problems in your home. All of the best bed bug removal techniques have been included in a detailed guide that you can download below:

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