"Want to Know What Bed Bug Bites Look Like on Humans?"

Learn how to recognize bed bug bites on people and what to do to stop bed bugs from ever biting you or your loved ones again...

Below are images of bed bug bites on people. Please remember that many bug bites can look similar and if you're not sure what has bitten you and you are having negative effects from the bug bites, you should seek medical attention.

The images below were taken two days after the victim was bitten by bed bugs. This can help to give you an idea of what bed bug bites may look like on people within 48 hours after being bitten.

In rare cases it can take up to nine days after the person has been bitten before bed bug bites will be noticeable. But, usually the more times someone has been bitten the sooner the bed bug bites will appear.

The bed bug bite pictures towards the right are of the same victim pictured above.

There are a few ways you can tell these bites are from bed bugs and not other insects including:

  • Mosquito like welts which turn a dark pink color.
  • Multiple bites (it is rare to only have a few bed bug bites, most of the time there are several bites
  • Bites which are in straight lines. Most of the time bed bugs will have three bites in a line (commonly called breakfast lunch and dinner). You can see on the pictures to the right these lines and you can count that a majority of them are two or three bites in length.

Bed Bug Bites on Different People

Bed bug bites can look different depending on who is bitten. The below images show how different bed bug bites can look:

Bites on Darker Skin
Bites on Sensitive Skin
Bites On Tanned Skin

Stop Bed Bug Bites from Happening Again

Believe it or not, a few simple tips can stop bed bugs from biting and can prevent them from ever returning to your residence again.

You can easily stop bed bugs in their tracks with a few simple techniques that are both safe and cost effective. Rather than spending hundred or thousands of dollars to have your entire house decontaminated, you can easily do it yourself with the information in this downloadable guide.

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